Louis & Alma Serrano 

Youth Group Mission:

1. Our Mission is to bring youth to know and understand who God is.

2. To experience God personally, enabling them to see Him through their own eyes.

3. To guide them to rely on Him through their struggles.

4. We want to Disciple them to be leaders. To learn how to pray for one another, to connect with each other and to develop overall leadership skills.

5. To help them lead others to Christ.

Youth Group Goals:

1. To bring them to salvation

2. To help them know their identity in Christ Jesus

3. To help them put it into action

The Act Of Kindness

In today’s world everyone is so concerned with their own selfish gain that we have lost the act of kindness towards one another. On this day Park Temple Baptist Church would like to make an effort to do something without asking anything in return. So please accept this sack lunch, bottle of water along with an energy snack. Help us show that yes, there is still God’s Love in this world today.