Monthly Announcement

PTBC  Lord's Supper

July 14th @ 11:15am

Location: Sanctuary

PTBC Wednesday Bible Study

July 17th  @ 7pm

The Book of Acts - Part - 19

PTBC Senior's Outing

July 19th @ 10am

Location: Olive Garden

PTBC Women's Bingo Fundraiser

July 20th @ 3:00pm

Location: Fellowship Hall

PTBC Prayer Vigil

July 21st @ 11:15am

Location: Sancuaty

PTBC Children's Ministry Splash Day

July 27th @ 1:00pm

Location: Main Courtyard

Pastor & First Lady Garza

Pastor Garza: is a mighty man of God who strives to ensure that Park Temple Baptist Church continues to grow in spirit & truth while keeping with God's will. Pastor Garza loves a discipleship church and is available for counseling sessions, hospital, home visits, and prayer. He and his wife Alice are glad to have you as a part of the Park Temple Baptist Church family. You can contact Pastor Garza by email at:   Bio: Before being a full time pastor, Henry Garza Sr. gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1999 behind the bars of Harris County Jail. Since then he evangelized the next 3 years all the while he was studying the word of God diligently. Henry Garza Sr. was called into ministry in 2001 preaching at Faith Baptist Church every Friday night. While at the same time being a Chaplin at the halfway house called Turning Point Mission along with attending the Men Star of Hope Mission on a regular basis preaching and encouraging the men. Henry Garza Sr. came to Park Temple Baptist Church in October 2003 under the leadership of Senior Pastor Peter Slagle. Henry Garza Sr. was installed in 2003 as Associate Pastor and was later Ordained in 2004 until 2005.

In 2005 Henry Garza Sr. was voted in as the new Senior Pastor for Park Temple Baptist Church where he serves alongside of his wife of 43 years, he also has 3 children Martin Moya , Henry Jr., and his daughter Brenda  he also has 12 beautiful grandchildren.